For more than two years, senior living facilities have come to offer less and less to their clients – yet occupancy levels continue to increase. Omega, along with its industry-specific and senior living finance partners have determined that this trend is the beginning of a new cycle in the development of new, state of the art senior living facilities. Omega provides new opportunities that differ from other traditional competitors in the marketplace.

Affinity Relationship Fundamentals

By taking advantage of the vast experience acquired in development, architecture, financing, marketing, and relationships in the faith-based community, Omega is able to put into motion a new strategy that will meet hundreds of church-sponsored senior housing needs over the next 10 years. The strategy is based on these fundamental aspects:

  • A sponsoring church that meets strict financial and “impacting” criteria.
  • The availability of open land that can fit the project needs.
  • A market study developed by PMD and Clifton Larson Allen can back up the need for an Omega project.

By combining this unique investment opportunity in senior housing with the affinity of dynamic, impacting churches, the benefits to investors would be even more substantial and sustainable.

The Value of a Faith-Based Relationship

There are more than 450,000 churches in America – many of which are situated on excess land that is available for use, but also have an interest in ministering to the growing senior demographic – not only inside the church, but within the greater church community. Many churches are interested in contributing their debt-free land for a minority profit-sharing interest in an Omega project, because it’s a win-win project for all parties involved. Not only does this give the church an opportunity to gain from any participating revenue share, but it also provides the means for many of their aging congregants to remain close members of the church – participating in continued giving and receiving the benefits of the church’s ministry. Omega provides a unique opportunity for churches to convert their underutilized land into a resource that increases their ministry opportunities.

Omega’s Unique Position in the Marketplace

As a leading developer of Senior Living Communities, Omega is in the perfect position to create affinity relationships with significant, impacting local churches. Omega projects offer superior services and care, as well as locations adjacent to community impacting churches. Project residents come from not only the sponsoring church members, but also the surrounding community, as well as families who wish to relocate aging parents.

Non-Denominational Church Relationships

Omega brings together long-term relationships with hundreds of churches, a network of key pastors and senior staff with strong personal testimonials – effective word-of-mouth marketing. This rapidly growing network of non-denominational churches helps form association, a movement that Omega’s team has extensive history with that can provide many sustainable opportunities, as well as a barrier for entry for other attempting to copy this model.

Denominational Relationships

Omega also has long-term relationship within major church denominations, including Methodist, Southern Baptist, Catholic, Assembly of God, Church of God, Lutheran, Independent Baptist, and Presbyterian (USA and PCA) among others. Omega has also consciously selected key pastors and churches that have denominational influence.