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The unprecedented rapid growth of the senior demographic in America today is impacting every aspect of life including politics, culture, retail, medical, and real estate. Nowhere is this dynamic more transforming than in the area of senior living facilities and communities. Despite the recent general economic downturn, the opportunity to capitalize on this phenomenon continues to exist – particularly to the extent that a community of seniors already living in an affinity relationship can be presented a highly desirable product. It is precisely this niche that Omega Communities, LLC, has developed and is now beginning to harvest.

The Baby Boomer generation is aging – there are over 10,000 people turning 65 each day.
  In under 6 years, the number of Americans age 85 or older will increase by 33%.  Seniors are living longer, healthier lives. Over the next three years, the market opportunity is experiencing immense growth to over 22 million.

Omega Communities develops new Senior Living Communities (SLC) in affinity relationships with sponsoring churches. While the church doesn’t manage the SLC, or have an equity position or ownership of interest within the specific project LLC, the church is allocated a percentage (between 10%-25%) of the next distributable cash flow of the project upon stabilization. Due to the unique characteristics and dynamics of each local development and the attendant church relationship, as well as tax credits and other incentives that may be available to a particular development, each project is structured within a single asset LLC that is owned and controlled by Omega Communities.

Omega is focused on the development of new facilities with a stated mission and the opportunistic acquisition of existing facilities that present unique initial and long-term value.
Omega has focused primarily on acquisition opportunities in the southeast or within a direct flight from Birmingham, Alabama – the headquarters of Omega.  Omega has entered into an agreement to acquire a project in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and is currently pursuing two other projects in Alabama.  These facilities are not readily available on the public market, but Omega and its operating partner, LCS/CRSA Management have determined that they are both a strategic and cultural fit – as well as a significant value play for the overall Omega enterprise.

Omega’s current list of selected opportunities includes over $1 billion of possible projects. Investment returns in senior housing have exceeded commercial real estate returns during the current economic downturn according to a recently published study by the National Investment Center, experts in senior living. 

Omega has already broken ground on one project – the Springs at South Biscayne, in North Port, Florida, and will be breaking ground July of 2014 for the Fountains of Hope project in Sarasota, Florida.
Omega also plans to commence development of 25 communities over the next five to seven years and acquire ten to fifteen existing or completed facilities during the same period.

The Omega Team provides the development, financing and operational functions of the senior living community and accomplishes this through a dedicated network of knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled professionals who share our values and goals.

Development & Operations

Omega has entered into a long-term relationship with LCS, a member of the LCS Family of Companies to manage all aspects of the operations for each project. LCS has a 41 year history of providing high quality lifestyle products and services to senior consumers nationwide – over 100 facilities with over 31,000 beds. 


 Omega has selected Lawson Group Architects of Sarasota, Florida, as its principal architect because of their extensive experience in senior living design and real estate development. 

General Contractor

Omega has selected Gilbane Building Company of Providence, Rhode Island, as its general contractor, in collaboration with its Sarasota office, MillsGilbane.  

Appraisals and Market Studies

Omega has retained the services of Cushman & Wakefield, a leading Commercial Real Estate Services Firm with extensive experience in conducting market studies and appraisals for senior housing developments, to prepare market studies and appraisals of anticipated projects. 


Omega has engaged the investment banking firm of HJ Sims, a senior housing specific firm with a 75 year history of providing various financing options to owners, operators and developers of senior living around the country.

Advisory Board

 Omega has developed a blue ribbon advisory board comprised of professionals selected because of their business success, specific senior housing industry expertise, and understanding of Omega’s vision as it relates to both the aging demographic and the faith-based community.

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